Our Vision

ANIV team works towards providing the world with the most easy-to-use platform to successfully run micro-mobility businesses and share the mindset of making our environment more eco-friendly. Scalability, low operating costs, decentralized investment system, and local branding are what we focus on when meeting our partners’ needs. The success we have had through our partnerships with cities and entrepreneurs worldwide reaffirms the accuracy of our focus.

ANIV aims to create the biggest decentralized micro-mobility network globally. Since the micro-mobility market is estimated to reach $500B by 2030, we are here to help you make the most of this industry full of opportunities by scaling, automating, and managing your business most effectively.

Our Team

Albert Manukyan


Lilya Avagyan

Chief Marketing Officer

Gevorg Sargsyan

VP - Systems Engineering


Chief Technology Officer


Head of UI/UX and Mobile


Advisor and AI Team Lead

So that you have a share in the future of mobility

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