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The spirit of Thanksgiving and Ridesharing

Thanksgiving is all about reflecting on blessings, showing gratitude, and celebrating with your community. And what better way to celebrate together than to share the gift of giving back?

The micro-mobility industry has been rapidly developing in the past couple of years. Bike and scooter sharing systems have taken over many cities around the world and they have been enjoying the advantages ever since. Let’s count them together, shall we?

Increased access to public transportation

As regular as well as electric bikes and scooters become a part of the city life, they give its residents and visitors the opportunity to choose from a variety of means of transportation. This, in turn, increases the availability of vehicles and decreases the chance of being unable to make it to your destination. Shared micromobility services single-handedly solve issues like unavailable taxis, late buses and last-minute broken cars.


Why overpay for a ride when you can get to your destination for cheap? E-bike, e-scooter as well as a regular bike and scooter rides are proven to be more economical, which is why city residents and visitors choose to utilize them on a regular basis. Saving money and not compromising plans is what makes bike and electric scooter sharing programs so attractive for people.

Environmental benefits

The climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues the planet is facing right now. Greenhouse gas emissions from cars and other traditional means of transportation contribute to climate change. The micro-mobility industry, on the other hand, is environmentally friendly. Bike and scooter sharing systems do not harm the environment and serve the public righteously.    

electric bike

Cleaner city roads

The more people use bikes and scooters, the less they use cars, taxis, and buses. This reduces the number of cars on the road and, therefore, leads to less traffic. Consequently, residents and visitors alike enjoy cleaner city roads and do not have to waste their lives sitting through traffic jams for hours on end.

“What does all of this have to do with Thanksgiving?”, you might ask. Well, much like the spirit of Thanksgiving, the spirit of ridesharing lies in sharing and giving back to the community. The benefits the micro mobility market has to offer listed previously show that the industry is built on the idea of improving the lives of big and small communities and their members. Moreover, the industry has the intention and power to have a positive impact on the planet, which will benefit every resident.  

We at ANIV wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope that the culture of ridesharing will reach your community soon. 

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