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The Essential Scooter Sharing Statistics: What Can Be Expected For The Industry

Bikeshare and e-scooters are examples of micro-mobility, a class of transportation methods that includes electric skateboards, shared bicycles, and electric pedal-assist bicycles. Micro-mobility is characterized by its very light weight and low occupancy (e-bikes). 

The market’s expansion is partly due to the shared micro-mobility’s rising popularity and demand. Several more elements connected to the electric scooter (e-scooter) sharing system are anticipated to aid in the market’s expansion. Convenience, increased flexibility, and user-friendly features are a few of them.

The electric scooter sharing scheme offers easy mobility. By making shared mobility more popular, ride-hailing has paved the path for shared e-scooters. An e scooter requires less parking space because they are smaller.

As a result, daily customers are being encouraged by both governments and scooter sharing service providers to embrace these services as a more affordable, practical, and efficient mode of transportation. Most service providers offer a dockless, floating and fast e scooter that may be rented and returned anywhere.

Now, let’s look at some e scooter sharing statistics to understand it further. 

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Some of The Major Improvements 

Electric scooters are being used more frequently, most likely due to the quality improvement that occurs each year. Electric scooter flaws are already extremely uncommon, and as scooter design and technology advance, they will only become less common, according to research on the subject by EScooterNerds. 

The likelihood that the best budget e scooter will experience a significant problem in the first year is only 7%, and this probability is gradually dropping. The quality of electric scooters has improved over time. Currently, 95% of all scooters can easily last a full year without experiencing any issues, according to EScooterNerds’ other study on the subject.

Need to get somewhere quick? Then you definitely need the best electric scooter! It takes 12 minutes and 2 seconds to travel 7.45 miles (12 kilometers) on the fastest electric scooter, or exactly 11.977 meters.

Arizona State University and Ryerson University conducted a survey in 2020 and discovered that electric scooters had replaced walking and cycling for all trip types. Additionally, the general public is rapidly viewing them as convenient, quick, and affordable modes of transportation. With the rise of the e scooter sharing app, it has become easier for customers to find the best e scooter

Essential Demographics 

A research study conducted in December 2019 showed that men tended to use electric scooters more frequently. However, a different study published in July 2020 discovered that women have started to favor electric scooters more than men (72% of women viewed scooters favorably, as opposed to 67% of men).

According to a Nacto analysis, there were 84 million scooter trips in the US alone in 2018, and that number only includes shared scooter rides.

Another report by Bird reveals the growing appeal of electric scooters, finding that there were 136 million electric scooter trips in 2019!

According to another survey conducted in Hoboken, New Jersey, 67% of respondents had used an electric scooter, and 74.5 % of respondents favored the area’s best electric scooter sharing programs.

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The Growth of The E-scooter Market 

Based on product type, the free-floating scooter sharing category had the biggest market share and was expected to develop the fastest. In 2021, this market segment held 95.5% of the overall market share.

Free-floating scooters, which can be rented from any location according to the user’s needs, eliminate the need to pick them up and deliver them to their hubs. The e scooter is able to increase demand, and as a result, it commands a significant revenue share in the global market for renting out electric scooters. 

By the end of 2022, this market is anticipated to reach a global market worth the US $1,106.7milion. 

Fact.MR, a supplier of market research and competitive information, had estimated that the scooter sharing sector will develop at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 17.3% between 2017 and 2021. 

The classic sharing programs, or station-bound sharing programs, were the main source of revenue for this market. However, the dominant electric scooter sharing companies quickly created free-floating programs that gave customers the freedom to reserve their scooters from any location.

Scooter-sharing programs have become extremely popular across the globe in recent years. Around 66,000 shared e-scooters were available worldwide in 2019. Sharing of e-scooters, which is presently possible in 88 locations across 21 nations, is gradually gaining popularity on a global scale.

Important Growth Factors Affecting The E-Scooter Industry 

The increase in traffic congestion in metropolitan areas is one of the major causes behind the expansion of the electric scooter sharing business. Due to regular commuting, a growing population in large cities has resulted in substantial traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours. The problem is being reduced, and nations are looking for new solutions. This is a key element propelling the global e-scooter sharing market.

Scooters ease traffic congestion because of their small size and minimal space requirements on the road and in parking lots. Additionally, since these vehicles do not produce carbon emissions, they help keep the environment cleaner.

Governments and scooter-sharing companies promote the use of their services by regular commuters. People use electric vehicles more frequently because they are becoming more aware of environmental factors and thus, aim for greener alternatives.

Electric scooters generally help the environment because they lessen the need for driving and don’t produce greenhouse gasses. These two elements work well together to create a highly potent effect. Since automobiles produce greenhouse gasses, their elimination from the road has a good impact on the environment. Additionally, fewer automobiles on the road imply less traffic congestion, significantly lowering pollution.

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Increasing Technological Development To Support Market Expansion

Technology advancements related to electric scooters are another significant market driver. The major players are enhancing their products to make them more useful and effective. To address the huge demand for this micro-mobility service, custom-built vehicles are needed. 

Additionally, shared scooters are used more frequently and can survive a wider range of weather conditions and road surfaces than privately owned scooters.

The Best E-Scooter Sharing Platform

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