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The culture of micro-mobility sharing: the benefits and how ANIV supports it

The micro mobility industry has been booming the past few years. Bike sharing and scooter sharing schemes have been drastically growing all around the world. From China to the United States, the culture of bike and scooter sharing has not only become popular, but also turned into a habit many cannot break anymore.

And why would they want to? The benefits of micromobility sharing become apparent quite soon. Moreover, those benefits are noticed on a personal as well as global level.

The personal benefits:


Most cars are a luxury and not everyone can afford to buy a good car. The alternative, like taxis, buses or metro, can wind up being expensive when summed up at the end of the year. Micromobility vehicles, on the other hand, are more cost-effective, which makes them affordable for every resident and visitor of a given city.

  Fast and easy way to get around

Some might think that an e-bike or an electric scooter is difficult to ride. However, this is only a myth. These vehicles are easy to maneuver and learning how to ride has never been reported as a problem. On top of that, the average speed of an electric bike is 20mph, while the average speed of an electric scooter is 15mph, meaning that both vehicle types can take the rider to their desired destination in no time.

  No need to worry about traffic

Since electric bikes and scooters are not meant to be ridden on the main road with cars, buses, and taxis, the drivers do not need to worry about getting stuck in traffic and being late, as a result.


  Exercising and staying in shape

While it is true that electric bikes rely on batteries, the user is still expected to pedal in order to move the device forward. This gives the rider the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and combine getting to their destination and getting their daily exercise.

  User-friendly apps and websites  

Micromobility sharing platforms use apps and websites to organize the said vehicle sharing. The bike sharing app and the scooter sharing app display vehicles, their availability, parking spots, and so on. These are made to be extremely user-friendly in order to not confuse riders. Moreover, the apps make the user’s life easier and try to eliminate the chances of being late because of vehicle sharing.

  Little trouble with parking

As it was mentioned before, the vehicle sharing apps display pre-determined parking spots for users, which means that there is no need to look for parking spots. On top of that, the parking tutorials available on the app, teach users proper parking strategy and etiquette.   

The global benefits:

  Reduction of air pollution

Unlike traditional means of transportation, electric bikes and scooters do not burn fuels like oil or gas and, therefore, completely eliminate carbon emissions. This, in turn, makes it impossible for micromobility vehicles to harm the environment and, in particular, the ozone layer .

  Reduction of noise pollution

Cars and other means of transportation cause a lot of noise. They are known as the biggest noise-makers in the city. This impacts wildlife in the worst way possible and causes noise pollution. Electric bikes and scooters do not make any noise during the ride, which means that the more they get used to, the less noise there will be in the city.

  Cleaner city roads

As previously mentioned before, traffic is a big issue in both big and small cities. One way traffic can be reduced is the adoption of a micro mobility system. The usage of bikes and scooters will help clean up the city roads from cars and make traffic less of an issue.


  Variety of public transportation means

For the convenience of city residents and visitors alike, it is always a good idea to have diversity in the transportation system. While some people might prefer taking a taxi to their destination, others might prefer to cycle there. Therefore, giving people the opportunity to choose how they want to get around is a way to not only diversify the transportation system but also respect their travel habits.   

  Development of community spirit

The last point usually gets overlooked, which is unfortunate. It is important to discuss how a micro-mobility business can not only encourage the building and development of community spirit, but also make the members of said community kinder and more considerate. Think about it: when the infrastructure of a transportation system of an entire city largely depends on its residents, they feel responsible for its successful run. As a result, people come together and work as a group. For instance, knowing that an illegally parked vehicle will create clutter in the city and make another potential user’s experience suffer, can make people park more appropriately. Therefore, it is fair to say that the culture of bike-sharing and scooter sharing brings out the best in people.

ANIV is one of the representatives of the micro mobility world that promotes the culture of vehicle sharing, such as electric bikes and electric scooters. We value the presence of community spirit in cities, regardless of their size. Be it a big city with many residents or a small city with little population, ANIV believes in unity and bringing people together. And what better way to connect people than through a shared micromobility system?

ANIV has successfully united people through bike sharing systems and scooter sharing systems over and over again. However, we do not believe that our job is done. We are going to keep working hard to develop the micro mobility industry and continue promoting the culture of such vehicle sharing in general. Stay tuned and follow us to learn about ANIV’s success stories.

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