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The Core Differences Between Bike Sharing and Bike Rental

With the abrupt popularity the bike sharing industry gained in the 2000s, it became an integral part of people’s daily lives, many of them substituting their cars for e-bikes or scooters. In many ways, bike sharing proved to be a healthier, more affordable, and enjoyable mode of transportation for many, thus gaining popularity. However, the bike renting system is also picking up steam but is sometimes confused for bike sharing services. This article aims to understand the differences between the two systems as well as look at their advantages.

Bike Sharing vs. Bike Rental; The Differences

First and foremost, bike rental fundamentally differs from bike sharing programs because it is mainly intended for long usage. Customers can rent bikes for several hours or even a couple of days. In comparison, the bike sharing system is for commuters who want to get from point A to point B quickly, which usually takes less than 30 minutes. 

A typical example of electric bike rental usage would be tourists using bikes to ride around town all day and soak up the local flavor. In contrast, bike sharing is used for short commutes or quick trips that replace driving and the added hassle of finding parking.

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E bike rental has specific stations for customers to pick up the bikes and return them, whereas, bike sharing works according to the dockless system, which does not require a docking station, meaning that after the trip, customers are not required to return the bike where it previously was, but rather be parked at the sidewalk or at a bike rack. 

However, both options have one similarity – they encourage people to drive less, which leads to positive changes like traffic reduction and minimization of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Benefits of Bike Renting


Firstly, with a bike sharing service, customers have to choose between identical bikes, all of which are the same size. Even though they have adjustable features, they are still made for short trips, so riding them for more than 30 minutes might not be practical. But that’s not the case with bike renting.

Public bike rental companies provide customers with a wide variety of bikes, whether you want to just cruise around town or ride long-distance trails.


Additionally, the bikes come in different shapes and sizes; there are specific bikes for women, kids, and the elderly so that every rider is comfortable with their bike. 

And, as we’ve already established, bike renting allows the rider to have the bike to themselves for either a few hours or the whole day. So, bike renting is ideal if you plan to have a bike for the weekend or go around town with friends or family without having to worry about any time limit. 

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The Benefits of Bike Sharing

Electric bike sharing allows cities to have less crowded public transportation. In most places, the cost difference between a bus fare and a 30-minute bike share is minimal, so financially, choosing between these two isn’t difficult for customers. However, riding an e-bike is a much healthier option and a better choice than sitting in a crowded and uncomfortable bus. 

When there are more bikes on the road in a city,  people get more encouraged to use them, starting a cycle of the progress of e-bike sharing. Next thing you know, the infrastructure of the town is modified to support the bike sharing market, additional bike lanes are installed, and more bikes are seen all over. As a result, for those who feel uncertain about using bikes as a means of transportation, these adjustments make cycling seem more approachable, simpler, and safer. 

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The Best Micro-Mobility Platform

Now that we’ve understood the main differences between bike renting and bike sharing, it is time to discuss a micro-mobility platform that allows you to establish your own bike sharing company using e-scooters and bikes – ANIV.

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ANIV will demonstrate how to establish a reliable source of income while assisting you in managing your fleet using AI data-driven software. Additionally, it provides a wide range of customizable features in its scooter and bike sharing app, giving your company all the tools necessary to realize its full potential and succeed. We’re always developing new features to give your company the essential advantages. In order to provide fully controllable device administration, we collaborate with some of the top hardware and automobile providers.

One of the services that ANIV provides for electric bike sharing companies is the provision of equipment from renowned international manufacturers, such as smart lockers, electric bicycles, scooters, and bicycles. Another key factor of the ANIV mobile app is flexibility. It will allow you to create a unique and customizable look for your company by adding colors, a logo, and branding. 

ANIV app is available both on App Store and Google Play. Feel free to download it for your business to unlock all the resources for achieving success.

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