The benefits of having bike-sharing as a hotel amenity and reasons why more hotels should consider offering it

Bike sharing programs are extremely popular around the world. As more and more cities adopt this alternative transportation medium, the private sector starts showing interest in it as well. Hotels in particular have been very active when it comes to integrating a bike sharing system to their business module.

Starting with big names like the Hilton and finishing off with smaller names in the industry, more and more hotels offer this feature to their customers. Moreover, this trend is being spread all over the country, particularly on the West Coast of the United States.

As a result of providing bike sharing services, both the business owners and the customers enjoy the benefits that this type of amenity brings. In order to grasp the entire concept of bike sharing as an amenity, let’s take a look at a few examples of hotels that successfully offer it.

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa in California

This beautiful resort, located near a magical beach, has been offering its guests bike sharing services for quite a while now. The hotel offers its customers the opportunity to explore Huntington beach using one of their bikes. The renting options vary from an hour to a whole day. Moreover, there are various bicycle options as well, from a regular bike, to an e-bike, to a bike for the whole family. The bikes are available for rent every single day.

This service has proven to be not only quite popular among hotel guests but also quite lucrative for the business. Moreover, the idea of a “bike-friendly” hotel attracts people who are environmentally conscious and lead a healthy lifestyle, which brings more customers to the hotel.

The Chatwal in New York

This luxury hotel is located in the heart of Manhattan and has successfully entered the bike sharing market by introducing bikes as an amenity. The location of the hotel is what truly helps make this initiative as popular among the guests as it is. Being situated in the center of New York, it is surrounded by iconic landmarks and sights every tourist needs to see. And what better way to explore the beauty of New York than on a bike? Moreover, considering the traffic, an e bike would be the best option to navigate through the endless flow of cars anyway.

This, however, is not the end. Chatwal offers its customers a way to cycle around New York completely free of charge. That’s right, the bike rides are complimentary. The hotel staff will even provide the guests with a bicycle map and, for an extra charge, a picnic basket with freshly made food.

Lumiere with Inspirato in Colorado

This hotel is located in the breathtaking mountains of Telluride. Away from the city, right in the arms of nature, this hotel takes bike sharing to the next level. Lumiere offers bike tours for its visitors. The tours are offered both to beginners and experienced riders. The beginners can enjoy a short tour, while more advanced riders can be taken on half-day or full-day bicycle tours. Additionally, these tours are offered both during the summer and the winter, so that guests can grasp the beauty of the area during different seasons.

The Lumiere is the perfect example of integrating bike-sharing programs into a business, thanks to mother nature. The mountains and the forests surrounding the hotel already have biking routes; all the hotel has done is take advantage of them quite successfully, given the fact that the bike tours are extremely popular among visitors.

These examples of three very different but similarly successful hotels integrating electric bike sharing systems only go to show how beneficial this feature is.

If you are a hotel owner and want to introduce electric bike sharing to your guests, then do not hesitate and do it now! We at ANIV are ready to guide you through the process, and provide you with a fleet of vehicles and even a bike sharing app. Our successful collaborations with other hotels are a testament to our experience in the industry and how far we’ve come. ANIV’s team consists of professionals who are passionate about what they do and strive for excellence all the time. As far as our fleet, our offer includes the best e bike, along with a fully customizable app.

So, there is no reason to think further if bike sharing is a necessary amenity for a hotel and there is no reason to look any further for a bike sharing company to help you. ANIV is ready to be at your service when you are. 

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