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Staying Ahead of Competition: Still Possible in Micro-Mobility?

Micro-mobility industry booms. Different types of companies enter the industry with an innovative yet sustainable mindset. They aim to get the most out of the industry, meanwhile, give the maximum to the consumer. What most people & organizations concentrate on is the e-bike market. For you to imagine the extent of the importance of the e-bike market for the economy of the country and the overall well-being of society, let me share some statistics. The e-bike market was valued at $23.89 billion last year and is forecasted to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.86 percent in the annual period of 2021-2026. Numbers are huge, so the competition. ANIV, being the innovative and novel company in the market, brought up the notion of gathering all possibilities in one single app. Turns out other companies have that, too. So, how would ANIV stay ahead of the competition if companies have the tendency to imitate? The question is a complicated one to answer, but ANIV’s competitive advantage is a serious one! Let’s see what helps ANIV fight the tense competition. 

People Driving Aniv Scooters

What’s New In The Market? 

New rivals in the micro-mobility industry are developing apps incorporating e-bike and e-scooter rentals with just an app. From recent ones, Lime and Wheels are aiming to cooperate to offer Orlando bike and scooter rentals on one app. With the help of this app, riders from Orlando will have the opportunity to rent e-bikes from Wheels based in Los Angeles and scooters from Lime based in San Francisco. The number of vehicles available for rental is 600 – a big enough number to impress! Yes, this is cool and user-friendly; however, there are so many cases where big corporations failed to operate, such as Lime and Bird, where they mess up the cities and get stronger regulation from cities. Is it even close to what ANIV does through just one app? Doubtful. 

Aniv App

ANIV App – Myriad Opportunities

Of course, ANIV’s app is capable of conducting the ordinary functions of vehicle-sharing. However, there is more depth to that app than this. Being a franchising platform providing local entrepreneurs with an opportunity to realize their own micro-mobility business ideas in their own cities, we ensure that they will manage the fleet much better than anyone else in their cities. Also,  the ANIV app allows these people to scale the network by making multiple franchises in the same city, use Al data-driven software to manage the fleet in an efficient manner, and create extra revenue from the so-called ad platform. Isn’t this more than a rental app that every other business comes up with? 

VRIO Analysis: ANIV is Exclusive

In business, there is such a thing called VRIO analysis. Thanks to the VRIO framework, businesses can be identified as exclusive and successful based on the USPs they have. What if we slightly modify the concept of VRIO and take it to measure how successful ANIV is with just one aspect of it – the ANIV app? Let’s go one by one.

VRIO Analysis

V – Value 

Is the ANIV app a valuable feature? For sure! People love how comfortable life is with the app.

R – Rarity

Is the ANIV app a rare feature? Of course, every other organization has an app, but the one ANIV has is rare. 

I – Inimitability

Is the ANIV app an inimitable feature? No matter how much organizations try, developing such a solid strategy to aid business progression with a single app is beyond complex to conduct.

O – Organization

Is the ANIV app capable of exploiting its resources/capabilities? One app – myriad opportunities, remember? Besides the main features that the app provides, it gives the consumer the possibility to use the app in a completely novel manner every time.

Final Note

So, how would ANIV stay ahead of the competition if companies have the tendency to imitate? The answer is simple – Decentralize Capital Intensive business with Network effect and extra sponsorship revenue. it will continue to be itself and be unique in a market full of copycats. 

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