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Profitable Micro-Mobility Business With An Innovative Touch

Have you ever had unlimited opportunities to run your entire micro-mobility business with one system? Even if you had one with ANIV, your experience would drastically vary. Products & services that ANIV offers are innovative additions to the micro-mobility industry that we all need. Well, what is ANIV all about? We are a first and last-mile electric vehicle sharing company with a fleet of electric scooters, electric bikes and regular bikes, as well as a rider app and a management platform, all in one cost-effective and streamlined package. Through our one-stop-shop franchise mobile APP, we make it possible for local enterprises to start their own sustainable micro-mobility business in a couple of days and scale it according to their specific needs.

Single start point ANIV app will change its branding (color, logo and features) based on your fleet location by providing customizable app branding, features and behavior and all whilst marketing it under their own brand.

Al data-driven software will manage the fleet efficiently and earn profit from the advertisement platform. Well-well, isn’t ANIV an innovative, useful, and quite interesting business to learn about? So, let’s dig deeper and uncover details about the products & services it offers. 

What does ANIV Have For You? 


Unique, innovative, and groundbreaking – all about this product. For you to imagine how cool it is to have an ANIV E-bike model A1, let me list its features worth the purchase. The motor of the e-bike is a brushless one of 36V 350W. The battery is a removable Li-battery of 36V ranging from 13Ah to 16Ah. So powerful, and you may not believe, but fast-charging. To charge the battery for enjoying the journey on an e-bike to the max, you just need 5.5 to 6 hours! Materials used for the assembly include aluminum alloy, alloy front fork, and suspension. I have good news for speed lovers – the range of the e-bike is 40-50km working with roller brakes and IP67 controller. Isn’t this the best thing you can purchase from the assortment available in the market? Considering the niche of sharing, ANIV is among the best e-bike sharing companies aiming at providing the best value and experience. They do everything for you to easily find a spot where bicycle sharing can be utilized to the max. 


Recently scooters had a surge in popularity. There we have an e-scooter – a vehicle worth the purchase. It is worth the purchase not just because of being an e-scooter but because of its outstanding features. Having a brushless motor of 36V 350W, the ANIV e-scooter ranges 45 km/1000 kg load at 25 km/h – this is fast and furious! The battery and charging time are similar to the one of the e-bike – a removable Li battery of 36V from 13Ah to 16 Ah for top getting charged from 5.5 to 6 hours. If with the e-bike you got just roller brakes, there you have brake modes – 2 mechanical drum brakes and an electronic regenerative brake mode, no wires, fully dust and waterproof.  Any Switch to one or the other anytime you’d like to! Design-wise, it gets illuminated with a compliant front and rear light with a side reflector. Beautiful, practical, and handy – let me ask the same question as for the e-bike – isn’t this the best thing you can purchase from the assortment available in the market? Something prompts that the answer is positive; indeed, for the complete picture, you need to acknowledge the fact that this is a shared scooter! Meaning, you are capable of accessing the electric scooter sharing system through the ANIV app, and enjoy!

The ANIV App

If you just download the app to see how it works, you may just be surprised about how many features are incorporated in just one app. That app is a masterpiece, taking into account the number of sections it is separated into – rider app, operations app, operations module, sponsor module, marketing module, security module, analytics module, a payment module, API & SDK. Each of these has multiple interesting and useful aspects that the users need for sure!

The Rider App helps with brand recognition, conversion rates boost, verification of IDs and Driving licenses, gives the opportunity to share private fleets, as well as reserves or book the device you prefer. The app has customization of 25+ features, multiple languages for different customers, and most importantly, it is user-friendly.

The Operations App is all for ensuring that the operations part is all good within the business. Employee onboarding, smart task management system, vehicle relocation offers while using e-scooter sharing or bicycle sharing programs, predicted demand, team management, team monitoring, geofence rebalancing during those activities, and one-click scanning control panel are what it offers to you. 

The Rider App and Operations App can be termed as mini-apps in the ANIV app. However, apart from them, the ANIV app has modules, as mentioned before. The Operations Module provides real-time fleet data location, management of fleet, user, and vehicle, and gives access to ride history. Thanks to these, the user identifies where the vehicle is located or what the ride history is and gets the opportunity to navigate while using the e-scooter sharing or bicycle sharing app features.

The Sponsor Module aids the website progression through the app. With this module, the consumer gets mobile & website monitoring, analysis of multi-social media platforms, branded vehicles alongside physical stations, geofences analytics, user data analytics, dynamic product offering, and integrations with google analytics. A real breakthrough for your business!

The Marketing Module is an aid for the marketing aspect of the business. Email marketing integration, push and SMS notifications, functions of getting a ride and giving a ride, access to referral programs, various voucher campaigns and promo codes, integration of online chats, and a cool landing page aimed at increasing downloads – all in this module accessible to you!

The Security Module is for business security through an app. Anti-theft alarms and locking systems, alert notifications, smart locks like ANIV brain, Omni and JIMI, manual locks, and integration of anti-fraud algorithms, autoblock for suspicious users, warning Emails, and SMS system – what can be better than safety on this level just through an app?

The Analytics Module helps with business analysis. It provides analytics on rides and users, heat maps, demand predictions, special conversion funnels, analytics, and diagrams for financials, as well as giving integration of third-party analytics. So in-depth yet so simple to access and use!

The Payment Module makes your everyday life expenditure and monthly transactions process as smoothly as possible. What it includes is a pay-per-ride wallet, subscriptions, multiple currency support, Apple pay, Google pay, credit cards, Stripe, AmazonPay, Ameria Pay, a Russian bank, PayPal & more! So many financial possibilities in one single app! In the case of wanting to access e-scooter rental, for instance, you have all the means to do it whenever and wherever you’d like to. 

The API & SDK – sounds novel and unfamiliar? Services of ANIV that you may encounter only with ANIV! These include opening an API for service integration, its delivery, ride-sharing, local restaurant cross sale, local businesses cross-play, as well as local events cross-marketing! Have you ever encountered such functions in any other micro-mobility business? Yes, ANIV is unique! Even dockless and docking bike-sharing systems working together are possible with ANIV. 

Final Note

You just got introduced to the novel, innovative, and useful micro-mobility business called ANIV that combines a myriad opportunities in it! Ranging from its unique products like e-bikes and e-scooters to various services incorporated in just one app, ANIV makes the business a dream come true! Join ANIV to enjoy your life & business!

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