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Private micro-mobility models: Lease scooters and e-bikes for deliveries in 4 steps

Micro-mobility vehicles are one of the most effective means of transportation, especially for companies that implement delivery. This simplifies the ordering process both for the customer and the company that delivers goods. In fact, the usage of alternative transportation goes hand-in-hand with both B2C and B2B sales, ensuring fast delivery for the customer and sales growth for the business. Long story short, the business gets more orders, as the customer is satisfied. As a result, we have successful supply chain management.  

The use of electric scooters, e-bikes, and mopeds for private delivery systems has gained huge fame over the past years, and it seems micro-mobility came here to stay. With the world moving so fast, you want your business to be heard and perceived as accurately as possible. And if micro-mobility is the new language of the modern world, we encourage you to adopt and communicate it. 

While most companies choose micro-mobility systems to ensure fast and effective delivery, there is still a common question: How to rent scooters and e-bikes? If you are an entrepreneur struggling with this question, this small guidebook is for you. 

Let’s begin…

Step 1: Emphasize your business model 

Let’s say you already took the first step of creating a successful business, you have an idea. It’s time to emphasize your business model, in order to transform your idea into a successful business. If you are an entrepreneur and have a company willing to commit to micro-mobility systems, mostly you have 2 options: 

  • Rent an individual fleet of vehicles 
  • Rent an entire dedicated fleet of vehicles for your employees 

The decision purely depends on your business model, whether your company desires long-term or short-term commitment and investment. As with any other decision, this one also requires research and analysis. While renting an individual fleet of vehicles will ensure stability, the latter will facilitate the controlling process. The decision here is based on your goals and objectives as a business. Take your time and define the first step of your strategy. 

Step 2 : Build the roadway 

As the world evolves, more and more companies tend to choose sustainable transportation, instead of traditional ones. The term commonly describes mopeds, e-bikes, e-scooters, and traditional bikes. In this context, vehicle choice could be a strategic decision, impacting your business model and further public relations strategy. With the whole world struggling to adopt a sustainable mindset, promoting eco-consciousness and comfort, try not to be an outsider. In fact, research claims that electric vehicles are expected to reach their peak over the next few years. Aside from eco-consciousness, electric vehicles will also highlight the quality of the company’s delivery and time management, as you’ll no longer have to deal with limited car parking and heavy traffic. 

…And maybe sometimes, going green is easier?

Step 3 : Customize your app 

Of course, things couldn’t operate without the Tech component. Each micro-mobility system is supported by software designed to monitor and track the overall performance, using GPS. This also allows users to rent vehicles individually or in clusters. The same logic implies with the ANIV-The single app allows multiple franchises to scale the network, efficiently manage the fleet using AI data-driven software, and make additional income from the advertisement platform.

Aniv e-bikes

Step 4 : Rent an e-bike and choose sustainability 

So here we are: you already have your business model, vehicles, application, and backend management. It’s time to deliver and enter the micro-mobility industry. Once you are all set up, the biggest challenge comes across. Choosing the best micro-mobility system may be a time-consuming task. But don’t worry. We have an option here. 

ANIV is a franchising platform that allows local entrepreneurs to start their own micro-mobility businesses. Aside from acting as a helping hand for those willing to start their own micro-mobility business, ANIV also offers a scooter and e-bike sharing platform, with a customized application, giving a chance to control your entire business in just a single app, providing real-time analytics and support. Choosing alternative transportation is a smart and tech-baked decision, and we highly encourage and support you in this. Experience a ride with no boundaries and grow your business with ANIV. 

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