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Micro Mobility Trends Shaping The Future Of Transport

For over a century, sci-fi filmmaking has made us fantasize about our possible future cities, urban landscapes, and transportations. The flying vehicles, holograms, and teleportation. Now, in the 21st century, we caught ourselves right in the middle of massive mega-cities, technological innovations, and sci-fi fantasies. Open-air options like e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-mopeds are taking off the modern urban landscape, making our travel experience even more eco-friendly, cost-efficient and flexible. What we haven’t fantasized about, was the trends of urban transportation that were going to shape our future routine. So let’s discuss the future of transport in the context of micro-mobility trends. 

Global micro-mobility transportation is expected to reach $150 billion USD by 2025, contributing to a bright future with noise-free and pollution-free vehicles. 

Technology and safety in urban transportation

Technology and Innovation are considered to be the international language of the modern world. In this context, it is crucial to note and promote the innovations made to refresh our lives and rediscover our usual routine from another angle. 

Cameras, Sensors, AI, Intelligent dashboards, GPS, and management software- all designed to prevent accidents and avoid risky behaviour, while at the same time promoting the concept of a smart city and developed urban transportation. In the modern world, one thing is for sure- we need safety, which is the focal point of e-transportation. 

Automated vehicles

Another trend identifying the future of mobility is automation from sensors. Optimizing autonomous advancements with AI processes and the growing IoT will make the current market grow even bigger, enhancing the income and ensuring better quality. 

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So what is hiding behind the term “automation”? In fact, It assists driver functionality on the road, reducing traffic accidents, empowering social independence, as well as easing the traffic flow. 

Eco-consciousness as the first step towards e-transportation  

Being eco-conscious is the first and foremost step towards building a better future. More and more people keep pushing their routine in favour of eco-products. Thus, with that in mind, eco-transportation tends to be one of the best options for moving from A to B, efficiently and without causing any harm. 

With the new trends shaping the urban landscape, more and more entrepreneurs are willing to start their own micro-mobility businesses, such as bicycle, electric scooter, and electric bicycle sharing networks. However, things are not as simple as they sound. Starting a sustainable micro-mobility company requires a multi-sector approach and long time commitment, which sometimes may result in a number of challenges. To solve the issue, ANIV acts as a helping hand, by delivering a platform with: 

  • Application, which can be customized with the colors, logo, and branding of the business  
  • Fully integrated IoT devices
  • Real-Time Analytics

From demand prediction heat maps to smart task distribution, the ANIV bike and scooter sharing app will help people manage their business with just one app.

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