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Micro-Mobility Transforms The Cities: Should We Go Global Or Stay Local?

Global micro-mobility providers promise high-quality riding services on the cheap. Just what most customers look for, right? It turns out that in reality, things aren’t so simple. In fact, in 2020, the net income of the American ride-sharing project Uber was negative ($6.7 billion). So what’s the issue behind Uber and other transportation companies, including micro-mobility ones, often failing to meet customers’ expectations? Read on to learn all the essentials concerning whether we should stay local or go global in our transportation choices!

Global Transportation Means aren’t Perfectly Optimized for Your City

Recently, a report popped up on the official website of Uber where the micro-mobility provider introduced its riders to a possible issue while using their mobile application. 

What’s essential for you? Along with safety, you must have prioritized the speed of the ride. However, for instance, Uber riders today often face an issue connected with their pickup and dropoff addresses, as one of the recent news articles suggests. So what’s wrong with the Uber system? The ride-sharing platform’s staff have recently put some decent effort into finding the reason. According to an Uber article, the main problem is their GPS routes, as they often suggest a wrong location.

Moreover, many global ride-sharing companies fail to find a sufficient number of gig workers to provide transportation services to a growing number of customers. In numbers, 2020 saw the percentage of Uber drivers in the United States go down by 50% compared with the figure for 2019.

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Local Transportation Companies as the Solution

Meanwhile, when getting a local cab, you can not only be sure that you’ll get punctual service, but you’ll also enjoy the various advantages that come with local transportation providers.

It’s common knowledge that local drivers in various cities know their town and can easily navigate from one location to another. So if you’re short on time, make sure you order local transport! Indeed, not just a means of transportation but a micro-mobility one like ANIV Ride. Let’s see why. 

ANIV Ride – the Best Micro-mobility Sharing Project!

With ANIV, you can move from one point of the city to another with comfort and affordability! Plus, you are capable of launching an impressive scooter and bike-sharing company on the cheap! You can even get various franchises, enlarge the network, and boost your revenues via an advertisement platform.

Are you the creative type of customer? Feel free to customize your application’s logo & branding—special for your franchise location!

But what if you’re short on the necessary equipment to launch your business? A leader among scooter-sharing companies, ANIV Ride offers you an incredible chance to get all the essential pieces of equipment, including a bike-sharing system, scooters, mopeds, and various products from the best manufacturers!”

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What’s in the Rider App for You?

From brand recognition and high-quality user experience to a multi-language function, ANIV’s application boasts everything you and your business will ever need. It obviously comes as no surprise that you can boost your conversions in no time with such a fantastic product at your disposal!

How to Operate the Rider App at Our End?

Having a seamless operation of your business is the best way to provide your customers with world-class services. That’s why ANIV has developed a smart task management system. Moreover, the operations app offers you tons of features, from viewing the predicted demand to accessing suggestions for relocating your vehicles! In addition, the operations app lets you do proper team management and monitoring of your staff!

The Bottom Line

Everyone knows that global ride-sharing platforms such as Uber are hugely popular across the world. However, as we saw in the article, some statistics suggest that localizing the transportation industry is the way to go! Therefore with an increasing number of local transportation providers popping up, ANIV’s services are becoming more and more relevant as a multifunctional micro-mobility company.

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