Make the Holidays Merrier With ANIV’s Bikes and Scooters

Make the Holidays Merrier With ANIV’s Bikes and Scooters

The growing demand for alternative bike sharing mobility solutions saw the introduction of bike-sharing programs, electric scooter sharing systems, and other ridesharing apps and platforms. 

The demand for micro-mobility devices like bikes and e-scooters increased exponentially once strict lockdowns were lifted. They allowed people to reach their destinations without relying on public transport systems. 

The introduction of ridesharing services meant that people could enjoy the freedom  these solutions afforded without necessarily having to purchase their own units or spend a fortune on their maintenance. Bike sharing services and e-scooter-sharing apps have made the benefits of alternative mobility widely accessible.

Micro-Mobility Solutions Today

Micro-mobility vehicles are small, lightweight, and operate at low speeds (15 mph and below). They include:

Bicycles and bike-sharing fleets

Electric bikes and electric bike-sharing fleets

Electric scooters and scooter fleets

Electric pedal-assisted bicycles

Electric skateboards

Micro-Mobility Solutions Today

Environmental concerns, traffic congestion, and health and fitness concerns have all contributed to the growing popularity of these micro-mobility solutions. Because these vehicles offer a convenient, affordable, and sustainable alternative to transportation, the micro-mobility industry is only expected to grow in the coming years. 

Let’s take a look at two of the most popular solutions:

Bike Sharing

There has recently been a resurgence of bike sharing systems, with the global bike-sharing market valued at $ 3.28 billion in 2021. Steady growth is expected, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.4%, and the industry is slated to grow to $21.3 billion by the year 2030.

Although the idea of electric bike sharing isn’t new and has been around since the 1960s, it was only in recent years that enablers could leverage technology to lend structure and efficiency to the process. Now, with a multitude of ridesharing apps and companies, the process of renting a bike is easier than ever.

Many cities worldwide, including New York, Chicago, Washington D.C, London, and Paris, have such systems and more cities are slated to introduce them. And with the global movement toward sustainable solutions, micro-mobility is expected to expand rapidly in Europe as well as in developing countries like China and India.

Much to the benefit of the environment (and the general public), micro-mobility facilities are comparatively easier to access. Whereas bike stations used to be few and far between, today, bike-sharing companies are setting up stations across population-dense areas like shopping malls, schools, business districts, parks, and tourist destinations. 

Bike-Sharing Systems

E-scooter Sharing

The market for electric scooters boomed in 2018, driven by increasing demand for low-carbon and fuel-efficient vehicles. And it has continued to grow steadily even post-pandemic. Several e-scooter models were also released (standing, folding, retro, self-balancing), fueling the interest of many transportation and technology enthusiasts.

That said, given the substantial upfront costs associated with owning an electric scooter, not to mention the maintenance costs, many e-scooter enthusiasts opt to rent units through e scooter sharing apps.

The electric scooter sharing market is experiencing massive growth, with the global market size estimated at $20.78 billion in 2021. With an estimated 8 to 10% CAGR, the e-scooter market is expected to reach upwards of $42 billion by 2030. 

E scooter sharing app installations increased by 580% between 2018 to 2019. This figure is expected to increase further as scooter adoption spreads to other territories such as Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Adoption is expected to increase in Europe, North America, and Latin America well into 2023. 

More startups are also expected to venture into the electric scooter sharing businesses, giving top scooter sharing companies tough competition and allowing the general public an array of options. Global research studies predict increased growth in the market through scooter sharing companies, apps, initiatives, and more. 

E-Scooter Models

ANIV: An All-In-One Micro-Mobility Platform

ANIV presents entrepreneurs globally with a customizable micro-mobility sharing platform that can easily be used to start a profitable business with e-bikes and scooters. ANIV is a flexible, all-in-one solution that leverages technology to help businesses meet the rising demand for micro-mobility options.

With ANIV, businesses can:

Have multiple franchises

Scale their networks

Manage their fleets remotely through AI data-driven software

Earn additional income through ANIV’s advertisement platform

Launch an efficient and user-friendly ridesharing app

Entrepreneurs can easily customize the app with their logo, branding, and colors per franchise location. In addition to a zero-code, ready-to-ship app infrastructure, ANIV provides businesses with necessary equipment such as bikes, scooters, e-bikes, mopeds, and intelligent lockers—all quality-assured and sourced from international suppliers.

ANIV’s App Capabilities

ANIV’s app has hundreds of features that can help businesses launch an efficient transport-sharing system without the hassle and enormous costs associated with setting up a mobility solution from the ground up. Capabilities include:

Rider App

ANIV’s rider app offers customizable branding and over 25 features for better brand unity, a user-friendly interface and registration process, and multiple language options. Business owners can also add features like ID or driver’s license verification, private fleet sharing, and in-device reservation or booking.

Operations App

The operations app offers complete operational convenience with in-app employee onboarding, a smart task management system, and suggestions for vehicle relocation. From the app, business owners can also access predictions for demand and automate tasks for better maintenance, collection, and relocation. The app also offers an easy-to-use one-click control panel, geofence rebalancing, and features for easy team management and monitoring. 

Operations Module

Business owners can access ride history, view special zones for riding and parking, and  monitor their fleet in real time. Vehicles, charging stations, and users can also be efficiently monitored and managed through real-time data. It’s also easy to manage business hours and pricing across multiple cities and countries and assign tasks to employees remotely. 

ANIV’s App Capabilities

Sponsor Module

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Marketing Module

The marketing module integrates with email marketing and online chat apps for seamless marketing campaigns and communications. Entrepreneurs also have the option to customize their push and SMS notifications, referral program mechanics, promo codes and vouchers, and a landing page for more downloads.

Security Module

The security module is equipped with a locking system and anti-theft alarms, an alert notification system, anti-fraud algorithm integration, and smart or manual locks integration (Omni, JIMI, and more). Suspicious users can also be auto-blocked, and warning emails / SMS can be sent out to deter fraudsters.

ANIV’s All-In-One Micro-Mobility Platform

Analytics Module

Analytics on users and rides can be accessed via this comprehensive dashboard. It also offers predictions on user demand, possible conversion funnels, and heat maps for data-driven decision-making.

Payment Module

The payment module offers a pay-per-ride wallet option, subscriptions, multiple currency support, and payment options, including:

Apple & Google Pay

Credit and Debit Cards



Amazon Pay

Ameria Pay

Russian bank integration


Lastly, ANIV has an open API for service integration, delivery service API, ridesharing service API, local events cross-marketing API, and integration for possible cross-sales with local restaurants as well as local business cross-payments.

Explore More Possibilities With ANIV

The holiday season is the perfect time to explore the possibilities of ANIV’s range of micro-mobility systems. With its capabilities and functionalities, businesses can create an efficient and cost-effective mobility solution tailored to any holiday season. 

From rider apps with customizable branding and user-friendly interfaces to operations apps with task management systems and geofence rebalancing capabilities, ANIV has everything you need to create a successful ride-sharing system during the holidays and beyond! So why wait? Visit our website today to learn more about how ANIV can help make your business ideas a reality.

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