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Let’s Go Back To When All Started: ANIV Backstory

Hi. I am Albert – the CEO of ANIV. Nice to meet you! I have got an exciting story to share with you; stick around, and I promise you won’t regret it. At least, when I moved back to Armenia after several years living in New York City, I didn’t plan on sticking around, but I did and don’t regret it now. Why? Let’s discover together.  

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Well, well, as I have already mentioned, when I moved back to Armenia after living in NYC for quite a few years, I didn’t plan to stick around. Indeed, prior to heading back, I decided to do a small pilot project in my homeland. To tell the truth, that pilot project was the main incentive for me to stick around, at least for a little while. As I was and still am really concerned about my homeland’s development, I figured out that the project I am initiating is something that potentially may have a significant impact on the city. I was confident that the least benefit will come along with the project because my experience of living in one of the world’s biggest cities, NYC, gave me considerable insight into how EV mobility can transform lives and cities. Yes, the project hovered around the phenomenon of EV mobility. Considering that I am limited with time and opportunities, without any perspective or major plan, I decided to start the project and establish the first local bike-sharing program in Yerevan, Armenia. It sounds so simple, but the level of complexity in implementing the project is unexplainable. When I ponder how I managed to implement it, I am coming to the thought that all of this turned into something because of my experience. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself as a professional: I am a technologist, and I have recently worked for Live look, which was acquired by one of the biggest companies in the world – Oracle. Such an experience amplified my chances to succeed in such a prompt yet well-thought project.

Aniv Bikes

So, initially, the project started as a simple local bike-sharing system. Further, I decided that it needs development. That is why it grew and became a cloud-based platform. The idea behind the cloud-based platform is to give local entrepreneurs and cities an opportunity to start their own sustainable and profitable micro-mobility businesses connected with bicycles, electric bicycles, scooters, e-scooters, networks. With the upgrade of the platform, the single app allows multiple franchisees to scale the network, efficiently manage the fleet using AI data-driven software, and make additional income from the advertisement platform. The functionality is worth downloading the app and trying it out. And I am not telling it because I initiated the project; I am just sharing my honest opinion with you to keep you updated on the most recent novelties in the world. Initially starting as a small project, now the pilot project has grown into the brand ANIV. See, you are aware of a huge project climbing the success ladder, and there is a chance that you may become a part of it, even as a customer. 

Aniv Bike and App

ANIV aims to work closely with small and medium cities in Europe. Such cities lack decentralized, scalable sharing micro mobility transportation as a real alternative option to currently limited options. Using the city’s local entrepreneurial and business spirit, we can help them be in line with the latest developments. What about sharing a word on such an initiative and motivating everyone to make it a reality. 

What we offer additionally is a team of professionals in Marketing, Hardware, and Software development ready to provide our local city partners with full support in launching their own micro-mobility business. We are based in Yerevan, which gives us a considerable cost advantage and a high-quality staff of well-trained engineers. Understanding the difference in the markets, we plan to accommodate knowledge to local EU cities to support rollouts. 

Aniv Bikes

As noted, ANIV plans to accommodate knowledge to local EU cities, but it may take a while. For you to understand, only 2 years later, passing through tough COVID times in 2020, today the ANIV platform is deployed in several countries, including the United States, Armenia, Russia, and Egypt. From this list of countries, for instance, in Glendale, US, we are conducting group rides every Sunday to create a collaborative spirit among the customers, promote a healthy lifestyle, and show people how fun and advantageous the use of ANIV’s offer can be. 

We strive towards supporting EV mobility not just in big capitals but in every possible point all over the world to make the planet function sustainably. 

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