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Introducing the ANIV app: your way into the world of micro-mobility

The micro-mobility industry is, slowly but surely, taking over the world. From Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi, from London to Tokyo, from Buenos Aires to Yerevan, people everywhere are enjoying this revolutionary way of transportation and every benefit a bike and scooter sharing system has to offer. Those benefits include but are not limited to: a safe and easy riding and parking experience, traffic avoidance, healthy lifestyle maintenance, eco-friendliness, etc.   

ANIV Inc. is a micro-mobility company based in Los Angeles, California. Our bike and scooter sharing company was founded with the mission to create a sustainable alternative transportation system that will help people travel safely and comfortably. Since the founding of the company in 2020, ANIV has successfully promoted and integrated the culture of bike sharing in many cities around the world.

None of this would be possible without our innovative, state-of-the-art scooter and bike sharing application. The ANIV app has allowed thousands to unlock the world of micro-mobility and explore their cities from a new perspective.

Aniv app

The ANIV app: an overview

Simply put, the ANIV app is an all-in-one electric bike and scooter sharing platform.

Now, let’s get into more details. ANIV is a fully customizable scooter and bike sharing app that allows riders to rent and safely navigate electric vehicles. The app has two experiences: the rider’s experience and the operator’s experience. Both are created with the comfort of the user in mind, and are easy to use, and simple to understand. Moreover, with this electric bike and electric scooter sharing app, both the rider and the operator are only a few clicks away from the desired outcome: the rider – from a quick and comfortable ride and the operator – from creating a fully functional vehicle sharing system.

The Rider App

The ANIV app can be found on the AppStore as well as on Google Play. Once downloaded, this e-scooter and e-bike sharing app are ready to be used. All the user has to do is register on the app, choose a payment method, watch a tutorial on how to ride the vehicle, and start their ride. From then on, every time the customer wants to use an e-bike or an e scooter, all they have to do is scan the QR code, which will automatically rent the vehicle for them. Additionally, users can reserve vehicles in advance through the application and approach it whenever they are ready.

It is important to note how easy it is to use the bike and scooter sharing app by ANIV due to its user-friendly interface and simple operating system. Moreover, the ANIV app is available in more than 25 languages, which allows users worldwide to comfortably use our app. At the same time, customer support is available 24/7 to answer any relevant questions regarding the electric scooter and electric bike sharing app as well as the entire renting process. Another feature the app has is showing different zones on the map to help the rider navigate through the city better. The “parking zone” and “operation zone” marks on the map will let the rider know where to ride and where to park their electric bike or electric scooter.

Aniv app and e-bike

The Operator App

This aspect of our e-bike and e scooter sharing app is meant to make running a ridesharing system easy for the owner and/or the back-end operation team. The app can be customized to any city in the world, using any colors, branding, etc. The smart task management system allows the operation team to use the app to the fullest and take advantage of its every benefit. For instance, our app for bike sharing can predict the areas where vehicles will be in high demand, therefore advising to place a bigger quantity of vehicles in those areas and guaranteeing higher usage rate. The app will also make vehicle relocation suggestions and will help with the rebalancing process, completely automating the maintenance, collecting, and relocating processes. As a result, charging electric scooters and bikes becomes an easy task for the operation team as well.

 So, what the future owner of a ridesharing system can do is get the best e-bike and scooter on the market, put them on the streets of the city they wish to make better, activate ANIV’s e-bike, and e scooter sharing app, and launch the program. Yes, it is that easy. The app will even allow the operator to onboard employees, who will end up working on the program.

We know that there is no such thing as the best bike sharing app, but ANIV might be exactly what you are looking for. 

There is no time to hesitate, download the ANIV app right now to start enjoying its benefits as quickly as possible. 

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