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How to start a bike and scooter sharing company with а small fleet: tips and tricks to help your business succeed

The micro mobility industry has taken over the world. Bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters can be seen in every corner of the planet. Environmental concerns as well as the growing preference for renting vehicles rather than owning them have led to this kind of popularity. As a result, providing bike and scooter sharing services became a highly demanded and profitable business.

Now, just like with the chicken and the egg, we are not sure what came first, the supply or the demand, but the truth of the matter is that scooter and bike sharing companies are thriving at the moment. This, in turn, has sparked many entrepreneurs’ desire to run a micro mobility business and own a scooter and bike sharing system. However, the competition with big and already well-established companies in the industry might intimidate people who are taking their first steps in the market.

We are here to assure you that starting a ridesharing company, even with a small fleet, is not only possible but also something you should seriously consider. If you are interested in learning the “Hows”, “Whats”, and “When”, then keep reading.

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Knowing your target audience

One of the key elements of running a successful business is being fully aware of who your demographic is and to who you are catering. Given the fact that your fleet is small at the beginning of this journey, you might want to start with providing electric scooter and bike sharing services to a hotel, a small neighborhood, or a gated community. Whatever the case may be, make sure to study people’s wants and needs, their habits and lifestyles. Surely, the lifestyle of students on a university campus is different from that of the families living in a gated community. By studying what a specific place demands, you will be able to supply exactly that and cater to your audience properly. This way you will not only know what type of fleet to offer, but you will also be able to build an effective marketing plan.

Choosing the fleet

Presenting your business with quality and class is of utmost importance, which is why aiming to find and later provide your customers with a high-quality fleet should be a priority. As previously mentioned, by studying your future customers you will be able to find the right fleet for them. So, do your research! As a result, you might find that a certain area has a fleet consisting of just electric bikes will be more effective. Similarly, in a different area a hybrid of vehicle types, like the electric bike, electric scooter, and the regular bike, will be more beneficial both for you and your customers. Moreover, the speed limit, the charging time, and even aesthetics, such as details like design, are very important, so take your time and choose your fleet wisely.   

Making the app

Your scooter and bike leasing app is one of the most important aspects of your business. After all, the app is what allows the customer to use the vehicles that you offer. The software provided by ANIV has unique features and is ready to become a partner for your business now. It allows you, the business owner, to be creative with your design and come up with a memorable color story. The app was specifically designed to be user-friendly, so that every customer, regardless of their age and background can navigate through it. Finally, the app developed for you by ANIV will be fully customizable, so that each location you work with feels special and seen.

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Be wise with your money

As mentioned before, some aspects of the business are far too important to save money on, however, you should still be conscious of how you spend your money. When it comes to the fleet, “expensive” does not always mean “of quality”. Moreover, it is good to keep in mind that since you are just starting your business, you might not be able to afford, for example, the best e scooter on the market just yet, which is why looking for cheaper alternatives, that can be just as good and safe for use, should be in your list of priorities.

Additionally, building parking stations can be costly and time consuming, however, your fleet should still have designated spots it can be parked in. We suggest you save your money by using geofencing services. Simply put, you can establish virtual stations and operation zones that will be seen through your bike and scooter sharing app. This way your vehicles will be parked appropriately and will not be scattered in the community, being kept away from potential damages and keeping the area clean at the same time.

Final thoughts

We hope this article found you when you were contemplating whether you should start your own scooter and bike sharing company and it inspired you to move forward with your plans.

One final word of advice, you do not have to do it alone. You can get friends or acquaintances involved and diversify your services and fleet type. For instance, you can focus on supplying the bikes, while your partner can focus on supplying the e-scooter. The partnership and revenue share method would help you propel your business in the industry.

ANIV wishes you good luck on your business endeavors and, if you end up collaborating with us, success will be guaranteed.

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