CES 2022 with ANIV and Monogoto: the partnership you should witness yourself

One of the key elements that define success is teamwork. Partnership and collaboration play an important role in the success story of almost every company. ANIV, as a micro mobility company, also has partner companies to thank and credit a part of its success to. Monogoto is one of those companies that has been in collaboration with ANIV for a few years and has definitely played a big part in our numerous triumphs.

ANIV x Monogoto: the history 

Monogoto Ltd is an Israeli company, founded in 2018. The company provides cloud-based cellular networks for IoT, Private LTE and 5G use cases. The platform guarantees the security of the user’s data and is extremely user-friendly. The solutions Monogoto offers are designed to scale and are always cost-effective. The company works internationally and has partners in 180 countries around the world, working on 550+ cellular networks.

ANIV and Monogoto Ltd have successfully collaborated on a worldwide scale for quite some time now, taking micro mobility from Israel to Armenia to the United States. Monogoto provides ANIV with SIM cards that enable our e-bikes and scooters to connect to the server and exchange data. This is an extremely important aspect in the micro-mobility business since this allows the devices to be tracked. This, in turn, brings cases of theft and vandalism to a minimum and allows the operation team to know the number of rides, duration of rides and location of each vehicle. Moreover, through the bike sharing app, users themselves can track the vehicle, find its exact location and utilize it at their convenience. Therefore, it is fair to say, Monogoto helps take care of the safety of our vehicles and makes them accessible for our users.

Additionally, as a result of the partnership between ANIV and Monogoto, many cities in the US as well as in other countries, like Egypt, the UAE, Armenia, Russia and many more, have been able to integrate scooter and bike share systems into their infrastructure. This has led to many positive changes in the lifestyle of city residents and visitors, as well as in the city all together. For example, cities have become cleaner and greener, people have been granted the opportunity to move around in a safe and cost-effective manner without harming the environment and so on. Together, ANIV and Monogoto have been in service to many cities and given them the chance to enjoy these and many other advantages of the micro mobility industry.

CES 2021

ANIV x Monogoto: the expo 

Our companies are excited to share the news that ANIV and Monogoto will together participate in CES, an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. The event hosts presentations of new technologies and products in the electronics industry. This year the expo will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 5 to 8. ANIV and Monogoto will be sharing a booth and representing the micro mobility market. Representatives from both companies will walk visitors through the nuances of the business as well as the individual services they provide. The booth is going to be highly informative and is guaranteed to captivate visitors of the expo.

So, make sure to stop by the shared ANIV and Monogoto booth #10337 during CES, from January 5 to 8 and learn all about the booming bike-sharing industry from experts in the business.

ANIV x Monogoto: the future 

ANIV is extremely happy with the outcome of the collaboration with Monogoto and looks back at our joint success with pride and joy. We look forward to continuing our partnership with this company and are certain that the future has only success in store for us.

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