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Benefits of smart transportation: why having a bike and scooter sharing system at a hotel is a good idea

The scooter and bike sharing industry continues to thrive. More and more cities around the world chose to improve their infrastructures as well as the lives of their residents by adopting a scooter and bike sharing system in their area.

The benefits of having a fleet of electric bikes and scooters on the streets of a city are numerous. Starting with the economy, and finishing off with the environment, the overall impact of electric bike and electric scooter sharing companies is tremendous.

However, the real question is, how would having a bike and scooter sharing system benefit a hotel? The answer to this question can be divided into two parts: the benefits the business will enjoy and the benefits the hotel guest will enjoy.

The benefits for the business

  Ability to earn money through the ridesharing app

Having a scooter and bike sharing system operate in the vicinity of a hotel is an investment, indeed. However, it is an investment that will be recouped in the future. The bike and scooter sharing app that will be used by the hotel guests to ride around will generate revenue for the business. The hotel administration will be able to determine the prices for rides, create membership fees and offer special deals. Considering that hotel guest, especially those who are there for a vacation, go out to explore their place of visit all the time, offering them a means of transportation and earning from their travels seems like a great business idea.

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  Opportunity for new business developments

Finding new ways to develop a business should be at the forefront of every businessman’s mind. Having an e-bike and e scooter sharing system belonging to a hotel can open new doors and opportunities to develop the business. For example, the hotel could organize bike tours around the city. Gathering a group of tourists, assigning them a tour guide, and sending them off to explore the landmarks of the city on bikes provided by the hotel will not only be profitable for the business but also appeal to the guests who are staying at the hotel. As a result, people will be more inclined to return as a guest as well as recommend the hotel to family and friends.

  Reputation of a sustainable business

The world is trying to be more environmentally conscious and having a reputation as a sustainable business will be one more talking point to help direct more customers to the hotel. It is no secret that electric bikes and scooters are environmentally friendly and promote a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, having a bike and scooter sharing system operating in the hotel will get the word about the business being environmentally friendly as well. This, in turn, will lead to a new target audience for the business and a flow of customers.

The benefits for the guests

  Saving money on transportation

Whether the hotel is located in a different country or the nearest state, transportation prices are high everywhere. Moreover, since the schedules and routes of buses can be confusing, people are more likely to use taxis. Now, those are definitely not cheap. The electric bike or the electric scooter is a more economic means of transportation. They allow the rider to reach their destination the same way they would if they were to use another vehicle and help them save their money all at the same time. As a result, the money that would be wasted on taxis can find a different use and purpose.

  Saving time on transportation

Cars are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century but they do tend to get stuck in traffic and make people late. The e-bike and the e-scooter completely eliminate this issue and make navigating through traffic extremely easy. On top of that, who wants to get stuck in a car, that is stuck in a swarm of other cars, in a city, they are supposed to explore and enjoy? So, instead of taking the bus or ordering a taxi, the more clever thing to do would be to rent an e-bike or an e-scooter. That way, the fast electric scooter or e-bike would take the rider to the desired destination in no time.

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  Exploring the city on their own terms

Whether the trip to a different city or country is strictly for business or whether it is a long-awaited vacation, there always comes a time to explore the place of visit. The said exploration can be done in different ways. On foot, which is usually exhausting, on a bus, which can be scary in a new city, on a taxi, which is expensive. Moreover, the bus and taxi options do not allow people to fully take in their surroundings and immerse themselves into the culture of the place they are visiting. The electric bike and the electric scooter, on the other hand, are great alternatives. First off, they allow people to take their time to observe their surroundings, including landmarks as well as urban scenery. Secondly, they do not bind people to a vehicle and give them the opportunity to explore more freely. One might drive past a beautiful building or even just a coffee shop and not have the freedom or time to ask the taxi to make a quick stop. However, when they ride around themselves,  especially in such light and easy-to-park vehicles, people have more of a chance to have the full “tourist experience”.

  Staying fit and healthy

Going on vacation should not mean becoming careless about one’s health and eliminating exercise from their daily routine. The e-bike and e-scooter can help people stay fit and get the appropriate amount of exercise anywhere they go. The exercise coupled with the exploration of the place of visit is basically a tourist’s explanation of the phrase “killing two birds with one stone”.


In the end, it is fair to say that having an electric bike and electric scooter sharing system in a hotel is highly beneficial, not only for the business but for the visitors of the hotel as well. ANIV highly encourages hotels all over the world to consider offering such services to their clientele and is always open for collaboration, whether that includes deploying vehicles, including the best e-bike and the best e scooter on the market, providing the software, aka the bike and scooter sharing app, or both. 

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