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“Are e-bikes practical?” You will not be asking yourself this question after reading this article!

Electric vehicles, especially electric bikes, have been extremely popular in recent years. Numerous cities around the world have adopted different bike share systems and have been successfully operating them while enjoying fruitful results. However, the average citizen still has to ask himself whether investing in an e-bike of his own is worth it. One of the reasons people tend to second guess buying an electric bike is the issue of practicality, which is a valid concern. Making a big purchase like that requires doing a lot of research and asking the right questions.

Lucky for those who are considering buying an e-bike but have their doubts, ANIV’s blog is here to help make up your mind.

So, is an electric bicycle practical?  Short answer – yes! For a longer answer – keep reading this article.

Long and short distance travel

A part of the practicality of e-bikes is in the ability to take them out for both short and long rides. Do you want to ride your e-bike to work? Or do you want to take a trip to the neighboring city with your electric bicycle? Either way, your device has your back! The battery-powered motor of these vehicles can take you anywhere. Just charge your device in advance and you are good to go. However, even with little to no battery life remaining, you can travel by e bike. Since they are pedal-assist vehicles, running out of battery is not a problem. Just keep pedaling and you will get to your destination, or, at least, a place where you can recharge your bike.

Easy to ride and park

Another practical aspect of the electric bike is the simplicity of the riding and parking techniques. Remember how difficult it is to learn how to drive a car and forget about those difficulties when you think about riding an e-bike. Moreover, most people already know how to ride a bike, so there is not much learning to do in the first place. Parking is also extremely easy, does not cause trouble, and does not require a lot of space.


An essential part of every deliberation regarding the purchase of any sort is money. Being smart with money, spending it responsibly, and wanting to get your money’s worth are valid wishes. Electric bikes are an excellent alternative to diesel-powered vehicles, which are a big investment. On the other hand, electric bikes are way more cost-effective. Even the best e bike on the market is less pricey than any car. Moreover, cars usually come with big maintenance costs as well, which is not the case with electric bikes. The most one has to do is change the batteries every 3-5 years, which are much cheaper than any auto part.

Health and Environmental benefits

Along with practicality, electric bikes come with many benefits. As it was mentioned before, the e-bike is a pedal-assist vehicle, which means that the cyclist is having a little workout session every time they use their bike to travel. So, you can count on your device to make you stronger and healthier with each pedal. Moreover, electric bikes are a sustainable means of transportation. With global warming being a pressing issue the entire planet is facing at the moment, being responsible for one’s carbon footprint should be among everyone’s priorities. Electric vehicles, including the e bike, do not harm the environment by emitting greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.


Given what was discussed in this article, it is a no-brainer that electric bikes are practical and worth giving a try. You can use them to travel around in your city or to explore the neighboring ones, you can take advantage of the health benefits they bring, worry about your carbon footprint less, and still spend less money than you would if you were to purchase any other diesel-fueled vehicle.

Moreover, you do not have to buy the best electric bike on the market to get all these benefits and be able to fully enjoy your purchase. A regular e-bike is just as good and just as worth it.

ANIV has been in the micromobility industry for several years, providing both individuals and companies with micromobiltiy solutions. Our electric vehicles as well as our bike sharing app have helped many cities organize their transportation system and go green. If anyone knows a thing or two about electric bikes, it’s us, so you can go ahead and take our advice and purchase your electric bike now.

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